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  2. "I would ruin myself to fix you."

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    I tried

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    i dont know how this happened

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  4. distortionanddrugs:

    i am too tired to fight for you right now. all i do is fight for people and what good has it done so far? fight for me oh god please just show me that i actually fucking matter for once

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  5. "Don’t be careless; just care less."

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  6. "I wish I had the courage not to fight and doubt everything. I wish, just once, I could say: ‘This. This is good enough.’"

    Chuck Palahniuk, Choke  (via cityandcolourblind)

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  7. "and if he wants to leave
    then let him leave
    you are terrifying
    and strange and beautiful
    something not everyone knows how to love"

    Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love  (via 1112pm)

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